Thursday, October 20, 2011

Episcopal visit & reader tonsuring with Bp. Irenee this Sunday Oct. 23rd

Don't forget to bring some monastic-friendly dishes for his Grace Bp. Irenee this Sunday, as he does not of course eat any meat. Fish, cheese and eggs are fine.

 Vl. Irenee prefers to serve very simply, especially with the heavy schedule and health challenges he has had while serving as our Archdiocesan episcopal administrator this past year. He only arrives at YVR after 10 pm Saturday night, and I believe the current plan is for him to vest quietly in the altar during matins, which begins as usual at 9:30. This is followed by something less than full hierarchical liturgy, but including the tonsuring of our own Gabe F. as reader.  (However, there will be a little of the hierarchical music sung at some point.)

Please pray for Vl. Irenee as he travels and for Gabe as he prepares for tonsuring to this ministry in the church.

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