Tuesday, December 02, 2008

I am on a roll now...


Richard Rene said...

Hi Victoria:
Way cool presentation! What was the song playing in the background?
Fr. R

RW said...

Lovely.lovely.lovely. I was going to make another comment about free time... but I won't because I working hard at becoming a less sarcastic person.

Simply Victoria said...

Hi Fr.Richard!
the song is "such great heights" by the postal service.
iron and wine does a lovely remake that the deacon likes better. it's slower, more mellow and thoughtful.

hey rw!! :D you made me laugh.
(in all my free time... I have much time for laughing now)
actually, it eats into my eating and sleeping time, since k. and I have made a pledge to not go onto a computer until the children are in bed.

matushkadonna said...

Best one yet! Way to go Vic!

Andrew and Lindsey (Seraphim+George) said...

Frick our family is awesome! And our Diakonissa has great taste in music.