Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Morning @ St.Hermans


pasivirta said...

nice, but amy grant?

Simply Victoria said...

why not amy grant?
you got something against amy grant!!

Matthew Francis said...

Amy Grant rocks. Always has (with the exception of that whole "Baby, Baby" thing - everyone makes mistakes), always will.

Little Macrina said...

Thank you for these, Victoria!! I'll start bringing my (new!) camera and can send you additional photos to add to your musical photo-cards : )

Simply Victoria said...

btw, that wasn't FDK, I just forgot to sign out of his account.
he hates that. ;)

elizabeth said...

these pix made me happy!!! yea biss and phil and macrina visiting! thanks for sharing!!!

Kai said...

Beatifully done!
However, as an connoisseur of art and music, and as a generally sensitive person, I have to to say, your music SUCKS!
I really admire and love you, to a sickening degree actually, but your music SUCKS.
So please accept my humbly provided critique that your music SUCKS.
Otherwise it is beautiful, except the music. Did I say that it SUCKS? Well it does... ;-)

Ostensive Lyme said...

Christ is born!

Haha, well as a music (and art) dufus, I find my sympathies snuggling up with Matt F... ahhh, Amy for Christmas.
Come on it's a Feast! A little cheese goes well.

Anyway just wanting to wish you all at our 'mother parish' a Blessed Nativity.
I've decided in the new year to take up blogging, a bit, again.

I'm wondering who to speak to/ write to, to become a member of this collective blog??

Love in Christ;
Mark Basil

matushkadonna said...

Another winner!

I've never listened to Amy Grant, but this was a pretty nice rendition.

Perhaps in time to come we will be able to record our own choir singing & upload it to go with slide shows. I don't know if the equipment we use for recording Fr. Lawrence's sermons would be sufficient for that, but maybe we can look into it....

matushkadonna said...

Mark, I can add you to the blog if you will send me your e-mail address. matdonna {at} shaw dot ca

Ostensive Lyme said...

Thanks Matushka Donna;
I was invited to the blog by Victoria.

Happy New Year!