Thursday, October 30, 2008

First step into the New Life in Christ....

pic by Dn. Taras at Andy Lanteigne's baptism.
hmm....wonder whose knees those are! :-)
There are many more photos from that day, including some wonderful ones in the altar of things we never get to see-- when our website gets revamped, it might be possible to make an educational slide show!
Oooh! Hey, Vic-- I just discovered we can actually add a slide show to the blog here, with photos hosted at Flickr. Would you like to try your hand at it?


Simply Victoria said...

sure! i'll give it a go. is it a new flickr gadget?

matushkadonna said...

It's a blogger gadget. I've just granted you admin privileges to the island so you can access the settings. It's quite simple-- click 'add a gadgent' and then choose the 'slideshow'. From there you will have to see what else it asks you to do.

Dn. Taras sent us a copy of that CD for you & Dn. Kurt as well. I'll bring it to church on Sunday.