Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Coffee Cup Commentary Podcasts now online!

I was asleep at the wheel, apparently-- Fr. Lawrence's regular Podcast is now online at Ancient Faith Radio!

I only found out when a listener sent this message to Fr.:

"I just wanted AFR and Fr Lawerence to know how much I am being blessed by this wonderful podcast . Also Fr Lawerence, thank you for the wonderful Akathist to Jesus Christ "Light to those in darkness". I heard about it through another podacst on AFR at a time when I needed to read and meditate upon it and I was able to order a copy. I was just listening to AF talk as I was cleaning and it caught my ear. The Holy Spirit works in His own way! Glory to God!"

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elizabeth said...

I for one am really enjoying these podcasts! It is wonderful to hear Fr. L's voice! etc. I recently got a copy of his Akathist to St. Herman which I am also appreciating very much! :)