Saturday, August 16, 2008

such a lovely image, i almost hesitate to post... but did want to pass along an invite on a related theme... we'll be having a jack and jill baby shower for jennifer ness-wicks (husband alex and son gabe) this sunday afternoon in the backyard of st.john's house (1967 napier-just off commercial drive). jenn's expecting their little one in the next couple of weeks. if any of you, who know jenn, would like to send along a card, i know that muryn jordan is hoping to come by, after liturgy at st. herman's. on a personal note, i look forward to attending andy's baptism; see you all then!! - miss you guys, kim

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kimberley francis said...

the shower was really simple and lovely. i know for many of you, it was a surprise that jenn was even expecting! indeed she is. the women of st. john's will be having another little get-together after the baby comes; we'll try to chose an evening to make it accessible for more. if you'd like to have the details, feel free to let me know and i'll pass them along.