Monday, December 03, 2007

we interupt your regularly scheduled programming for an important announcement:

due to lives that have become frustratingly, maddeningly, blessedly busy, we the jordan's, are sad to announce there will be no new years extravaganza this year at the jordan house.
this decision leaves us a little sad, and a little relieved all at the same time.
for those that were planning to attend... forgive us.
for those that weren't... carry on.
love, the jordans


Dan said...

Perhaps Graham and I could host this year at our place in Aldergrove. I know our house isn't nearly as pretty, but we're really, really nice people (or tolerable at any rate).

Would this interest anyone?

5cent said...

Ta-da! Just randomly blog-surfing. Very random. Incidentally (regarding your post), my parents will be here day of Christmas until the 3rd. We naturally wouldn't be able to go with them in tow (they just aren't the party-a-la-Jordaine types). We'll have to have our own little soiree.

We miss you guys. Hope your lives get less busy soon (I think this is fair wish on someone). But, well, I guess it's just that "season" for you, no? Many blessings in the New Year, and an advanced "Christ is born!"

matushkadonna said...

sorry to hear that, but you guys certainly deserve a little peace and quiet! enjoy it!

Simply Victoria said...

of course, we will still see you all at the Canada Day bbq.
n'est-ce pas?

pasivirta said...

well, that was unexpected, though certainly justified.

but its kind of like when the dollar became more valuable than the US dollar. I just don't know which way is up anymore.

next thing you know, housing prices in Vancouver will drop, the olympics will include rhetoric (steenburgh will win Gold)
and it won't rain in Vancouver anymore.

surely it is a well deserved break, but I just don't know what to do with myself now.

its like we finally have to grow up and have our own parties. gosh.

Widgetokos said...

I'm SO disappointed!! Though not terribly surprised. You guys really need a break. Having said that, Greg's sister Jojo took three days off work to come up especially for that party. I was looking forward to introducing her to everyone. There aren't any Orthodox people her age in Seattle. Any ideas for an alternative? I would certainly be willing to host a St. Herman's soiree but I don't think many people would fit down here...

Simply Victoria said...

ahhhh! guilt!!
do you think you'll take her to dan and graham's?
I'm sure it will fit the bill.
they're cool guys, right? ;)

Widgetokos said...

No worries! I knew there would be a party somewhere. We'll definitely take her to Dan and Graham's. She'll have a great time and you guys will get some much-needed peace!