Friday, December 28, 2007

even unto the depths of Althergrave

What's the word on New Years in Aldergrave?
Is it still on?
Are people actually going to be there?
Would it be worthwhile for me to swing by?
Just a thought.


matushkadonna said...

Jesse! you're here?

here's what Dan had us put in the bulletin:

Here's what people need to know:

New Years party for friends and parishioners of St. Herman's. December 31st 8pm. BYOB + a snack + bring a sleeping bag if you would like to stay the night and join us for breakfast. Call Dan at 604-537-6825 to RSVP and to get directions to his house in Aldergrove.

Paul said...

Aldergrove is where it's at, and if you show up... well, we'll have to clear out the kitchen and put up red tape so you can dance. I'll also have a video camera, so what's not to like about that?

Magdalen said...

Jesse! Are you in town? That's awesome!
As far as I know, the party at Dan and Graham's is on. See you there?

hunchback scholar said...

Sorry gang.
I got seduced away by Pasivirta and the Victoria party.
Try being more proactive next time. And having elusive fiancees I need to meet.