Monday, April 09, 2007

Paschal Greetings from Alberta!

From one St. Herman's to another, Christ is Risen!
Wishing you all the joy of the Paschal season...
Also, just wondering if you can help with something. Our good friend Joseph Friesen, a parishioner (and parish council member) here is a third-year Engineering student and is starting a co-op term (six months) out near SFU. He's looking for either a room-and-board type scenario or a roomate situation, preferably with some fellow Orthodox Christians. He wants to be close to both church and his work (which is in Burnaby). Any suggestions or directions you all might have would be most welcome. He's a great guy and will be a welcome addition to St. Herman's. Please feel free to email me at matthew.francis{AT}shaw{dot}ca if you have any ideas, and I'll pass them on to Joseph. Thanks so much!

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