Tuesday, April 10, 2007


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Just in case any of you missed the invitation in the church bulletin:

PARTY! FRIDAY! chez Gascoigne!

To celebrate Theo's safe arrival and baptism we're throwing a party in our little basement suite--so pray for good weather because we want the place packed!

Festivities start at around 3-ish for those who prefer early arrivals and departures. We'll have tea and sweets available, then from 7-ish --or maybe earlier depending how often my arms are free to get things in and out of the oven--we'll have yummy Bright-Week style supper, booze and cigars.

We will be providing plenty of meat dishes--and I will take requests, though I'll tell you in advance that we'll already be having one dish of each of the usual animals--including lamb.

We would ask that people bring some sort of side dish to fill the table out. Drinks are also welcome. Beer and Scotch will be present for toasting, as well as a few other things, but they may run out so it might be a good idea to BYOB.

Also--neither Greg nor I smoke so if you like NICE cigars you might want to bring them along. And of course Paschal pipe smoking is expected.

So come one and all--including kids if you like (we have Playstation AND Xbox)--and help us celebrate Theo's arrival.

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