Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A world without hatred...

I was surfing around recently and came across this quote:

"I can easily imagine a world without violence - a world without hatred - a world of love, peace, kindness and understanding.

I can also imagine that we should attack this world, for they wouldn't expect it and our losses would be minimal."

As an ex-soldier, I snickered at the obvious humour of it.

But then I thought about it...

The fallen world that we live in would react that way if suddenly faced with a peaceful world. As a matter of fact, they do react that way when the true peace of Christ that exists within Christian hearts is expressed. Why is there hostility toward the Gospel? Because true peace is something that evil cannot abide.

So these words then, quoted above, from the fallen human condition, speak truthfully.

But that's just a quick thought of mine, feel free to ignore it.


pasivirta said...

dear Punk Monk; your thoughts are not worthy of the self deflation that the last sentence reveals, so in future, say what you are saying, without caveats like that one.

Its a great thought.

your little brother,

biss said...

I like this thought. Think more!

(love and snickers from your Goddaughter)

elizabeth said...

i liked it too... now if only i could learn this peace... God have mercy!

Simply Victoria said...

isn't this a deep thought by jack handy? i love deep thoughts.