Saturday, January 27, 2007

Est is Best

I was in the parish/mission in Kingston last Sunday
and I was talking to this guy.
I mentioned I was from the Ouest
and he said
"Oh, are you from that church that everybody comes from?"
I said
What I didn't mention is that some people actually seem to stay.

In other news
I am apparently moving to Halifax after Pascha.
Maybe pray that God won't send me any farther
because I'm not a very good swimmer.

But I may be tempted to come back
for camp
if it's not too late
in the summer.
How about
When is camp?
And can it make use of a geographically challenged
such as I?

best to all,

PS: I think my French is coming along nicely.


matushkadonna said...

Jesse, we miss tu!

Camp I believe is late in Aout-- after Dormition is over.....

Simply Victoria said...

yes, and we would love to have you there, geographically challenged or not :):)

RW said...

What is going on in Halifax? Send me an email and let me know what is happening avec toi?

hunchback scholar said...

This is tres appalling, but I don't think I have votre address of email.
Mine is the same as my blogger name, but at gmail.

Magdalen said...

pfffft. Hmph. I can't visit Halifax. Ottawa I can swing, sometime, maybe. I hope. But Halifax?

Dangit Jesse. You had BETTER come to camp this year.

Gabe said...
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Paul said...

My oreilles are stinging from this unharmonious mixing of tongues. I better lay them on my oreiller.

Who ever though it would come down to punning in French?

Mira-cle said...

Hey Jesse!

Yes, we would love to have you come back for camp!! It's going to be Aug 22-29, although staff may get an extra day at the start before the campers arrive.

Keep an eye on the website: It should be updated in the next few weeks.

You are in our prayers!