Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Prayer request

If I may once again beg the prayers of the community. 

Over the next 10 days my mom and grandpa will be undergoing a major transition which will be very stressful and taxing on them both in various ways. My 86 yr old grandpa, who has been blind for about 20 yrs, is being relocated from his current home into a care facility for safety reasons. He is resistant and headstrong: aka, he's German ;) 

There are a lot of issues surrounding this move and my mom had had to take them all on full force, in addition to managing the failing health of her mother and running a business. 

They are both in great need of support and strength and I would be grateful if, over the next week at least, you would kindly remember them in your prayers. They have very little family support and few friends. Your kindness, even from afar, would be a great encouragement.

Kindly yours,


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