Tuesday, October 23, 2012

An Open Invitation to our Pumpkin Party

In case you weren't aware, we Friesens are throwing a party on Friday, November 2nd! But this is not just any party: we are having a Pumpkin Party, to celebrate the most beloved squash of the season. Any and all are invited. A huge pot of pumpkin soup will be bubbling away for your enjoyment. We humbly request everyone bring something to celebrate the pumpkin, be it sweet, savoury, or alcoholic - but to encourage creativity (and quell the inevitable battles over whose grandmother's recipe is best), pies are strictly forbidden. Tarts, I suppose, are pushing it. Custard and curry alike are welcome.

Come any time after seven. Please also bring your own spoon ... maybe even your own bowl if you remember. (Sadly, I'm not kidding. I'm pretty sure all the Friesen spoons at some point undergo a metamorphosis and become forks.) The address is in the directory. We may have a weird parking situation, in which case parking instructions will be relayed, either here in advance or via text/frantic window gesturing upon arrival. Hopefully not the latter.

Warm regards,
Andrew and Erin

PS - sorry to those whose land-lines we texted. I know that's annoying.


RW said...

well that sounds like a whole lot of fun!

Mr. P said...

aw man! instagram me some pumpkin love.