Monday, June 25, 2012

Many Thanks to all of you!

for any who did not see it on Facebook-- many thanks from me & Fr. Lawrence. We had not even remembered that it was the 25th anniversary of our arrival at St. Herman's! --MatD

A big THANK YOU to everyone for the 25th anniversary surprise-- I am so sorry I was not there in person, I had to leave immediately to drop Magdalen Farley Rmt to the train for a very important board meeting! the flowers are gorgeous and so many I had to split them into several vases. It does not seem to be that long..too short a time to live among such excellent hobbits (don't worry, we are not going to put on any magic rings and disappear!) :-)

A special thank you to the Hartley family who prepared the ground for planting and tending this mission before our arrival. We are glad to count as part of our family everyone who has served God in this parish over the years-- those who have been here as long as Father & I and our daughters, those who have come and stayed, those who have come and gone (some to plant or serve in other parishes) (and some who have come, gone, and come back again!), down to the newest catechumens and the wee ones born in the last year. God grant you all Many Years! -- Mat Donna Farley

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