Thursday, July 07, 2011

Furniture available from Wendy

10 foot by 10 foot couch.  It is in three pieces, two 7 foot long pieces joined by a corner piece, making it L-shaped.  I also included a close-up of the fabric; it's basically beige with blue squares.  It was just recovered a year or so ago so it is in perfect condition but too big for where my Mum is moving.

Thanks for putting it out there; she is prepared to give it away.  Wendy M.

Here is a picture of a large green chair, in a kind of velvety material; it is at least 3 feet across the front. There are two identical chairs (altogether) like this one.  

There is also a dining room table, which may be hard to see but it is mahogany coloured and includes two captain chairs with blue vinyl coverings.  (Mum gave away the other chairs because she wanted a change.)

Hope these can help someone out there! Thanks for your help,

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Mr. P said...

Those Green Louis XVI's will be great in the trailer! Thanks Wendy and Al!