Thursday, May 05, 2011

Heading Home

After an absence of almost five years (we had hoped it would be no more than two), Phil & I are set to return home at the end of the month. We will be very happy to introduce you to the two gorgeous additions to our family, as well as to catch up with old friends and meet all the new ones!
We look forward to the opportunity to live near our Church home and dear dear friends, and we are also hoping that locating ourselves there will enable Phil to continue on in his studies and contribute more fully to the life of the Church in B.C. (Let it be known that he is not intending to start another mission. He is happily just a "lay guy.")

Our move back to B.C. is taken as somewhat a leap of faith, since as of yet we have no employment secured and do not know where we will live. For this reason, I am posting this news here, hoping that perhaps some of you may be able to help ease our transition from New York to B.C.

Phil and I are both looking for work. Phil has many years experience working with developmentally disabled adults and is primarily looking for work in that field, but if other job opportunities arise he is open to considering them as well. I have experience teaching ESL and coordinating ESL programs for immigrants and would like to continue doing so, hopefully part-time.

We are also looking for a home. It will come as no surprise to those who know us that we would like this home to be both close to church and close to friends (close to work is not bad either...). We are wondering if anyone might know of housing possibilities that might suit a family of 4, or perhaps if any of you have suites you would like to rent out.

In addition, if we cannot secure housing before our arrival, we may also be in need of a temporary home. I will be arriving with the girls ahead of Phil, who will be driving out with our stuff. He should be arriving no later than June 10 (but hopefully sooner!).

If you have information you would like to pass on, please speak to Angelina or Br. Cyp to obtain our contact information.

Most of all, please keep us in your prayers, as we prepare for this move while juggling two girls and the end-of-semester crunch.

We look forward to seeing you all soon!



Donna Farley said...

we all look forward to seeing you! You will find LOADS of new faces at St. Herman's.

Donna Farley said...

oh, and in particular LOADS of other little folks for your little folks to play with!

myn said...


Victoria said...

AWEsome!!!! this is good news for us!!