Sunday, November 28, 2010

Book Request

Posted on behalf of Fr. John/Hannah Pryadko

Father John Bingham is collecting used Orthodox books for one of his parishioners who owns a used book store. The man and his wife are going through a rough spell financially; the wife recently hit a moose while driving and their car was totaled. Insurance did not cover the damage and in addition to that, the wife had to stop working to undergo surgery and will be off for recovery and rehabilitation.

The book store business is slow. Father John is hoping that as well as making Orthodox reading material available to the public through the book store, the proceeds will help to provide a bit of additional income to this struggling couple.

If anyone has any used Orthodox books that they are no longer reading or using as reference, or second copies of good Orthodox books that they would like to donate, please give them to Hannah Pryadko to send to Father John. They will be sent out the first or second week of December. Thanks so much.


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