Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Baby Shower!

Hi people,

It may be late in coming, but baby Kassia deserves a big welcome! Naomi would like to get together with all of us girls--some evening before Lareina goes back to Japan--but it will have to be mid-week as they are going away most weekends between now and when Lareina leaves. I have volunteered the Gascoigne house for this little get together and Naomi suggested Tuesday the 14th of July.

What do people think?


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Donna Farley said...

Tuesday is the 13th not 14th, do you mean Tues 13th or Wed 14th?

This is also the week of camp, so some people will be away. What about the week after?

We are also trying to find out which Sunday will be the Binghams' farewell-- it looks like they can't be sure of being back in time for the 11th, but the 18th again will have people away for camp. And I have just gotten word that Bp. Irenee will be with us at ST. Herman's at vespers Saturday July 17th-- also during camp week, but it can't be helped.