Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Update on Fr. John Bingham in YT and Men's night this Friday

Mat. Anna Bingham sends this post--MatD. 

This is (finally) a short update for Spruce Island, concerning Fr. John's Whitehorse adventures.

For those who do not know, Fr. John drove up to Whitehorse, arriving on May 6 and managing to dodge all the buffalo, moose, etc along the way. I am most thankful for that! He is serving liturgy, Saturday night vespers and holding a mid-week teaching/discussion time. All three  have been attended by a faithful few, and he is still hoping and praying for some new faces as well. John and Sharon Gryba are presently in Ottawa, returning this coming Saturday; in the meantime, he has had to do the set-up by himself, which is a fair bit of work as everything is set up and then stored away each week. But perhaps the physical aspect of the process is kind of satisfying, in a way.

As most will know, I am here in Langley until the end of June when my teaching year is finished. Then I'll fly up to Whitehorse, and Father John and I will drive back down to Langley to stay until sometime in early August. I am presently staying at the Mountains' home.

Many have asked me about Father John, and I will try and pass on news via Spruce Island periodically. He and I are in touch daily, and so I pass on your greetings to him as requested. Please pray for him, for endurance and encouragement in the Lord. I know he really appreciates this.

Also, Andriy  asked me to ensure that his/their address was on Spruce Island for the men's breakfast on Friday. It is 6123 - 216 Street, Langley. A sign on the property says Ground Effects Nursery.

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