Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. John of Shanghai Pilgrimage (update: postponed...)

Update: Because not as many were able to participate at the time scheduled as we were hoping, the pilgrimage has been postponed, probably until the fall... If you are interested in participating in future in a pilgrimage such as is described below, please contact Greg or Fr. Justin and we will work to figure out a date that will maximize the number of people who would be able to participate!

The weekend after Pascha (plus a couple of days on either side), a number of us from St. John of Shanghai Orthodox Mission are going to travel down to San Francisco to visit our mission's patron, St. John of Shanghai and San Francisco. Our pilgrimage is being organized by Greg Pennoyer and, while numbers are limited (to a very scriptural 12!) and some priority will be given to members of our mission, there may well be space for some of our friends who might be interested in travelling with us. For more details about the pilgrimage click on the image above to download the full PDF from the St. John's website. For more information or to RSVP, contact Greg Pennoyer at

Love in Christ,

Fr. Justin Hewlett, rector,


Widgetokos said...

Hi Fr! Greg and I are planning to head that direction that weekend anyway to visit his sisters that the convent of St. Elizabeth in Etna California. Is it possible we could meet up? Of course there would be four of us-- do kids count?

Ostensive Lyme said...

Christ is Risen!

Just FYI...
this pilgrimage has been postponed indefinitely. We may shoot for September of this year...

With the Feast!
-Mark Basil