Monday, February 01, 2010

Hi Friends,

Hi Friends,

We are coming for a brief visit, and we are looking for a ride on sunday morning from Abbotsford to church, and then for someone else who is going towards vancouver to drive us a little ways in that direction. The main part is getting to church, the other details after church can be figured out on the fly, and/or with my family types. we of course have a carseat for the Destroyer of Worlds (Zeke) and can even be accommodated by more than one vehicle if there are people who only have two seats or something. I can hitch-hike.anyways, this is for Feb 14th.

Thank you! we look forward to seeing you on that sunday.

David, Laurenn, and the Destroyer of Worlds (Zeke)


myn said...

i can totally drive you (all three) back to Vancouver. i'd love to!!!

pasivirta said...

Thank you all, I have had a number of emails offering rides, much appreciated. we will see you on the weekend of the 14th!