Thursday, October 29, 2009

As you may know "Hallowe'en" is the Eve of All Saints in the Western Church calendar.

Some of you may have seen a Facebook link to this Orthodox blogger's post (I snatched the above photo from there, I am sure they won't mind!):

An Orthodox Hallowe'en idea

You may want to try this at home.

Meanwhile, Fr. Lawrence has given us his blessing to set up an icon and candle container in the church porch Saturday evening, and hopefully we can get some pumpkins carved with crosses or the like to place in the church driveway to encourage trick or treaters to come. I for one am donating candy to give to any trick-or-treaters who come by, and we will offer them the chance to light a candle before the icon. The blogger who first got this idea says that the kids who come to his door almost never turn down this chance.

I think it possible we may not get many little visitors this year-- the weather is not expected to be good, and the majority of houses near the church are still under construction. If so, candy for lunch on Sunday! :-)

Please say a prayer for the safety of the children, community and emergency workers this Saturday too.

And finally, please remember that this weekend is also the end of Daylight Saving Time. Set your clock back one hour Saturday night for an extra hour of sleep!


Little Macrina said...

Matushka, is there still Bible Study on Saturday night? I will offer a carved pumpkin or two!!! Since we won't be handing anything out chez-Hall this year.

matushkadonna said...

NO Bible Study-- unfortunately Fr. Lawrence will be doing a guest speaking thing at St. Michael's Serbian church.

Widgetokos said...

UmMom are YOU handing out candy at church? or am I unbeknownst to me? We do have a pumpkin to carve though...