Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Brothers and sisters,

Yesterday on my way to a job interview I fell off my scooter and broke my elbow. By your prayers it's only a minor break. The doctor said if it had broken any further, it would have meant surgery. I have no cast or anything, but what I can do with it will be limited for an undetermined amount of time. I work with my hands so this is a bit a concern for me. The job interview went well, but if my elbow is still useless in a week, I won't be able to take the job. I ask for your prayers over the next week as this thing begins to heal and I try to figure what on earth I'm going to do. I'm not really in any pain, just thinking about income and whathaveyou. Thanks very much to all of you. I appreciate your prayers.

Your servant,
Andrew Seraphim

PS I am open to non-arm-related job suggestions if things don't heal quickly. Thanks again.

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