Thursday, May 17, 2007

It's done!

The Synod (a.k.a. ROCOR, ROCE, or ROCA) and the Moscow Patriarchate have officially ended their excommunications of each other. This does NOT mean that all ROCOR churches are now MP, but it just means that ROCOR is in eucharistic communion with her mother Church and the rest of the Orthodox world.

It's to be expected that there will be some "fallout" and some discontented persons complaining about it, but they are, by far, the smaller faction within ROCOR.

Considering all the deception and intrigue caused in the Church by the Soviet authorities, it's about time for some healing to start.

Let's pray for them.


Matthew Francis said...

Glory to God for all things!

I pray that the very reality of this restored Communion will be the agent of our healing.

kimberley francis said...

that's so Cool. i was walking witha friend on tuesday. we went for ice cream at casa gelato and then he and i were meandering through strathcona and came upon the Rocor church there on Campbell.

i love that church and have visited it a couple of times. anyway there was a couple sweeping and cleaning and they invited us in to venerate the icons. it was really special.

that makes my heart glad, this news. when st. john's parish becomes more settled it would be fun to invite them for a picnic or something. they're with walking distance of napier.


elizabeth said...

yes; let's pray for them... i know of at least two churches who did not join... this is hard too...

i am so greatful that God is bigger and more loving than all of the things here on earth...