Thursday, February 08, 2007

Hi Everyone,

I was just talking with my mother and she told me that my 38-year-old
cousin, Chrissy went in for a hysterectomy and now, today, there are
some very serious complications. Her wounds opened up and she's
hemouageing (?). They are 'redoing' the operation. It looks like it may have
been botched. Last year, she just got married, her dad - my uncle Charles -
had a very serious stroke, and her mom - my Aunt Sally - had a heart attack.
My Aunt takes care of my Uncle full time, now this...

Whew! They seem to have a target on them these days. Please pray for
them, but particularly for my cousin Chrissy, who is in surgery as I write

Thanks Guys,


elizabeth said...

praying; please keep us updated... Lord have mercy...

Meg said...

BTDT. As one who had this operation last August, *and* the complications (the wound never closed, and then I developed MRSA on top of that), I have much sympathy for Chrissy. She, and all your family, are in my prayers.