Thursday, September 14, 2006

fare thee well

Hello everyone, I am off to Ottawa with my good friend Grace (cute blond whom many of you have met). We will be crossing the country in roughly nine days (taking our sweet, sweet time) and bringing Biss and Phil their car and some worldly possessions.

After a few days in Ottawa I will be moving to Wichita, Kansas, for a semester (come visit, I will be near eighth day books and Joshua!). I hope to move back to Ottawa in January and finish my degree there; I’m excited.

In short, I’m leaving in the morning and will not see any St. Hermanites for a lengthy amount of time; I will miss you like crazy.

My love to you all, and many years.



Simply Victoria said...

happy trails and God bless you and keep you.
what a great place to be moving though... witchita.

pasivirta said...

man, when will exodus end?

Magdalen said...

Alas, as Dave noted, it seems to be the pattern at our little home here that people come, they learn, they grow, they laugh, they love, and then they leave.
Alanna, you will be missed. Safe journeys and many years. Be sure to hug the St Herman's alumni in Ottawa for us.

Stacy said...


That's my home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Paul said...

Wichita is the setting for The Big Kahuna (aka Hospitality Suite). It was chosen for its boringness.

Have a lovely time!

(Okay, fine, I'll be honest for once: Alanna and Grace, why are you leaving?? Come back soon!)

thomasw said...

man, i just met you this last sunday....glad to have talked with you before you left! you won't be doing much mountaineering around have fun skating instead:)

good cheer to you as you head east.