Saturday, November 19, 2005

Are we ready?

Matthew recently posted a link to an article by Fr. Thomas Hopko in the Antiochian Journal The Word on OCA/Antiochian administrative unity.

Here is a similar one from the Greek press.

What do you think? Is it time?


Stacy said...

That's interesting that you ask. This evening our Bishop BASIL is making his last parish visit because self-rule decision made by the Patriarch of Antioch (we're now going to be under Bishop ANTOUN). He, too, spoke about this very topic.

As he spoke I almost cried. Of course I always cry when the Bishop is here so that may not be that monumental of a statement. He's just a really fantastic Bishop!

I'm rambling.

I didn't answer the question. But then again, neither did he.

pasivirta said...

what do you mean Phil? yes it is time...(maybe my young orthodox soul doesn't understand the implications...but why wouldn't it be time? what can we do to push ahead? I mean, our generation sees the stylistic lines as less important I think, and unity as important...what a witness that would be to other brothers and sisters in Christ, a unification of churches.

Gabe said...

It is time! (im smiling again). oh the Glory of God.

cathedral dweller said...

Phil - I don`t know if you mean "is it time" in a rhetorical sense or as a real question. Here are my limited reflections.

Yes, I think it is time. It is always time for the body of Christ to be one. And on the other hand, I don`t know if we have seriously talked about it enough in our parishes and lovingly and intelligently considered the implications and difficulties that could accompany a strong movement toward Antiochian and OCA unity. If we fail to first talk about it at a local parish level we could be surprised by our own pride and our own lack of understanding of the other. How would we deal with the issue of multiple bishops, multiple parishes within a given area that might be spreading resources too thin, our closeness to Russia and the Antiochian closeness to the Ecumenical Patriarchate (from what I understand, they don`t always get along), etc.

This all probably sounds a bit heavy but I think it is absolutely necessary to really prayerfully think it through. It is my heart`s resolute desire that Antiochians the OCAers begin living as one Church. However, we can`t fool ourselves by thinking it will necessarily be easy.

I guess we must simply pray about it, ask for God`s mercy and for the prayers of the saints of this land - Sts. Tikhon, Raphael of Brooklyn, Alexis, Arseny. By God`s mercy and through the prayers of his saints, we can become one.

Really, I could say a lot more but this is a long conversation not well suited to a blog. And besides, I tend be full of a lot of hot gases.